Jo Fong, An Invitation...



An Invitation... selected for British Dance Edition in Cardiff, 15 to 18 March 2016.

Luke Jennings review in The Observer, 30 August 2015

'Jo Fong employs similar sleight-of-hand in her show An Invitation..., as she moves in response to her fellow dancers' orders. Their demands are cliched and absurd -- "Falling leaf, falling leaf! Be in the moment! Be more present!" -- and delivered with absolute seriousness. So is the real Fong the one who addresses her expressive tasks with equal seriousness, or the one who sends the whole exercise up, rolling her eyes and grinning conspiratorially at the audience? Fong cuts between these contradictory roles so adroitly you can't tell, but somewhere in the process forges an almost tangible bond with her audience. An Invitation... is performance distilled to its essence.'


British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2015


An Invitation... has been selected for the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2015. Performances on 25 and 26 August at Dance Base at 2.15pm and 4pm both days.

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Jo's involvement in the Edinburgh Showcase has been made possible with support from the Wales in Edinburgh scheme run by the Arts Council of Wales.


Photo: John Collingswood